Experience the Magic of Orchard Road during Christmas

Orchard Road during Christmas

Orchard Road, Singapore’s iconic shopping precinct, turns into a festive wonderland during the Christmas season. The annual Christmas light-up festival, known as Christmas on Great Street, has been captivating visitors for 39 years with its enchanting decorations and lively atmosphere. From November 12th to January 2nd, Orchard Road is transformed into a holiday extravaganza, offering a magical experience that will fill you with holiday cheer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Orchard Road is a must-visit destination in Singapore during Christmas.
  • The annual Christmas light-up festival, Christmas on Great Street, creates a festive wonderland.
  • Enchanting decorations and a lively atmosphere add to the holiday cheer.
  • The festivities begin on November 12th and continue until January 2nd, allowing ample time to soak in the festive mood.
  • Experience a magical holiday atmosphere with stunning lights, augmented reality projections, and music performances on Orchard Road.

Festive Fun and Dazzling Experiences

As the holiday season approaches, Orchard Road in Singapore transforms into a vibrant and festive wonderland. From November 12th, visitors can immerse themselves in the joyous atmosphere and experience a range of delightful and dazzling experiences. Let’s take a closer look at what awaits you on Orchard Road during Christmas.

Augmented Reality Projection

One of the highlights of the Christmas festivities on Orchard Road is the augmented reality projection on the walls of the Mandarin Gallery. This innovative technology brings the walls to life with enchanting visuals and interactive elements. Visitors can witness a magical transformation as the artwork changes and evolves before their eyes. The augmented reality projection offers a unique and immersive experience that is sure to captivate both the young and the young at heart.

Music in the Air

Orchard Road becomes a symphony of festive melodies during Christmas as the Music in the Air program brings carols and Christmas classics to various locations along the street. Talented musicians fill the air with joyful tunes, creating a delightful ambiance that adds to the overall festive mood. Stroll along Orchard Road and let the enchanting sounds of the holiday season uplift your spirits.

Visual Treat with PopAR Live App

To add an extra layer of excitement to your visit, be sure to download the PopAR Live App and scan the key visuals on glass panels along Orchard Road. This interactive experience provides a visual treat as the static images come to life with animations and special effects. It’s a fun and engaging way to explore the festive decorations and immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas.

Whether you’re exploring the stunning lights, enjoying the augmented reality projection, or getting lost in the beautiful music, Orchard Road during Christmas offers a truly magical experience. The festive fun and dazzling experiences are sure to create lasting memories and leave you with a warm and joyful feeling in your heart.

Bringing Back the Magic of the Great Christmas Village

As part of Christmas on Great Street, the Great Christmas Village returns to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza from December 7th. This beloved attraction offers a range of fun-filled activities for the whole family, creating a festive atmosphere that is sure to delight visitors of all ages.

Hello Fun

At the Great Christmas Village, there is no shortage of opportunities for laughter and enjoyment. Families can hop on a beautifully decorated carousel, taking a whimsical ride that brings out the childlike wonder in everyone. Festive rides like mini Ferris wheels and bumper cars add an extra thrill, making it a perfect destination for adrenaline-seekers.

Hello Food

The Great Christmas Village is not just a feast for the eyes but also a treat for the taste buds. Popular food outlets like VeganBurg and Magnum offer delectable treats that cater to different palates. From gourmet burgers to mouthwatering ice cream creations, there is something to satisfy every craving. Indulging in these festive delights adds a delicious touch to the overall experience.

Hello Music and Hello Arts

Music and art enthusiasts will find their passion well-catered to at the Great Christmas Village. With live performances by talented musicians at Hello Music, visitors can immerse themselves in the holiday spirit through enchanting melodies and joyful tunes. Hello Arts showcases inspiring installations and hosts hands-on workshops, offering an interactive and creative experience for art lovers.

Attractions Highlights
Hello Fun Carousel rides, festive rides
Hello Food Delectable treats from VeganBurg and Magnum
Hello Music Live performances by talented musicians
Hello Arts Inspiring installations and hands-on workshops

The Great Christmas Village at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza promises unforgettable fun, laughter, and entertainment for visitors of all ages. Whether it’s enjoying the festive rides, indulging in delicious food, immersing in live music, or engaging in hands-on art workshops, this enchanting attraction is a must-visit during the Christmas season.

Eager to Partake in the Festive Cheer

To fully experience the festive cheer on Orchard Road during Christmas, it is highly recommended to download the Visit Singapore Travel Guide app. This handy app provides valuable information, maps, and city guides to help navigate the bustling streets of Singapore. With the app’s assistance, visitors can easily locate the various attractions and activities happening along Orchard Road, ensuring no festive wonder is missed.

Visitors have ample time to enjoy the enchanting festive decorations, vibrant lights, and lively music as they linger until January 2nd. Whether strolling along the illuminated street, capturing Instagram-worthy moments, or engaging in the interactive experiences, Orchard Road during Christmas offers a truly magical and memorable experience.

Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit as you explore the dazzling lights and delightful attractions. Take in the festive atmosphere, indulge in delicious treats, and embrace the joyous ambiance that fills the air. The combination of stunning decorations, colorful lights, and joyful music creates an enchanting spectacle that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Come and be part of the festive cheer on Orchard Road, where the magic of Christmas truly comes alive.

Visit Singapore Travel Guide App

Key Features Benefits
Valuable information Explore comprehensive details about Orchard Road’s Christmas celebrations, including event timings, locations, and highlights.
Maps and navigation Navigate the bustling streets of Singapore with ease using the app’s interactive maps and step-by-step directions.
City guides Discover other attractions, dining options, and points of interest in Singapore apart from Orchard Road.
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Warm and Fuzzy Memories of Orchard Road

Orchard Road’s annual light-up holds a special place in the hearts of many Singaporeans. This long-standing tradition, which has been ongoing since 1984, brings back warm and fuzzy memories of childhood for both locals and visitors. The decorations, Christmas trees, and shared experiences create a sense of nostalgia and joy. Orchard Road’s festive light-up is not just about the holiday season but also a symbol of shared experiences and cherished memories for Singaporeans of all backgrounds.

Every year, families eagerly anticipate the unveiling of Orchard Road’s annual light-up. The dazzling lights and festive decorations along the iconic shopping street evoke a magical atmosphere that captures the essence of Christmas. From colorful arches adorned with sparkling lights to towering Christmas trees showcasing intricate designs, Orchard Road transforms into a wonderland that ignites the spirit of the holiday season.

For many Singaporeans, the annual light-up is a cherished tradition that brings communities together. Families and friends gather to stroll along Orchard Road, immersing themselves in the festive ambiance and creating lasting memories. Children marvel at the enchanting displays, while adults reminisce about their own experiences growing up amidst the twinkling lights. The shared joy and excitement create a sense of unity and connection among Singaporeans, making the annual light-up a truly special occasion.

Evolution of the Annual Light-Up

This year’s Christmas on Great Street light-up is a significant milestone as it symbolizes the return to normalcy after the subdued celebrations of the past two years due to the pandemic. The event not only brings back the joy and excitement of the holiday season but also showcases efforts to incorporate sustainability into the festivities.

The organizers have taken conscious steps to reduce the environmental impact of the light-up by utilizing energy-saving LED lights. These energy-efficient bulbs not only contribute to a more sustainable event but also create stunning visual displays that captivate visitors. Additionally, the use of LED lights allows for the repurposing of decorations for other holidays, promoting a circular and eco-friendly approach.

While there may have been criticisms in the past regarding the commercialism and energy consumption associated with the annual light-up, this year’s event demonstrates a shift towards more meaningful Christmas symbols and sustainable practices. By embracing energy-efficient lighting and repurposing decorations, the light-up serves as a model for future celebrations that prioritize both the festive spirit and the preservation of our environment.


The magic of Orchard Road during Christmas makes it the holiday highlight in Singapore. With its annual light-up, enchanting decorations, and lively atmosphere, Orchard Road offers a truly magical experience. Whether you’re strolling along the dazzling lights, immersing yourself in interactive experiences, or exploring the vibrant Christmas village, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Orchard Road’s Christmas celebrations evoke warm memories and a sense of nostalgia for locals and visitors alike. The annual light-up, a long-standing tradition since 1984, brings back cherished memories and creates a shared experience for all. It is not just about the holiday season; it symbolizes the spirit of togetherness and the joy of celebrating in Singapore.

As this year’s light-up marks the return to normalcy after the subdued celebrations of the past, there is a conscious effort to incorporate sustainability. The use of energy-saving LED lights and repurposing them for other holidays showcases a commitment to sustainable practices. This year’s light-up focuses on meaningful Christmas symbols while minimizing energy consumption.

So, come and experience the magical wonder of Orchard Road during Christmas – Singapore’s holiday highlight. Immerse yourself in the festive mood, embrace the warm memories, and be part of the enchantment that makes Orchard Road the ultimate destination during the holiday season.


When does Christmas on Great Street begin and end?

The festivities begin on November 12th and continue until January 2nd.

What can visitors expect to see at Orchard Road during Christmas?

Visitors can expect to see dazzling arches of lights, enchanting decorations, augmented reality projections, and live music performances.

What is the Great Christmas Village?

The Great Christmas Village is a festive attraction located at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, featuring fun-filled activities, rides, treats, live performances, installations, and workshops.

How can visitors navigate Orchard Road during Christmas?

Visitors are recommended to download the Visit Singapore Travel Guide app, which provides valuable information, maps, and city guides.

What is the significance of Orchard Road’s annual light-up?

Orchard Road’s annual light-up holds a special place in the hearts of many Singaporeans, evoking warm memories and a sense of nostalgia.

How does this year’s light-up incorporate sustainability?

This year’s light-up uses energy-saving LED lights and repurposes them for other holidays, demonstrating a focus on meaningful Christmas symbols and sustainable practices.

Why should visitors experience Orchard Road during Christmas?

Orchard Road during Christmas offers a magical and enchanting experience with festive decorations, lively atmosphere, and a range of attractions and activities.

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