The Jurong Falls in Singapore

the jurong falls in singapore

Jurong Falls is one of the tallest man-made waterfalls in the world, standing at a height of 35 meters. A massive cliff’s top is being breached by 140 liters of water every second.

Jurong falls is located in Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park’s open-access Waterfall Aviary. The Waterfall Aviary is the largest walk-in aviary in the world, measuring 20,000 square meters (4.9 acres) and featuring a rainforest landscape design.

It is home to 1,500 free-flying birds from 80 African species and 10,000 plants, including 125 different species of trees, bamboo, palms, and ground-cover vegetation. Visitors can get a bird’s-eye view of the aviary from two observation stations at the top of the waterfall.

Water birds, fish, plants, and other lifeforms at the aviary thrive in the optimum environment created by the recirculation of the water through a meandering stream that falls down over a series of levels.

The atmosphere of The Aviary is intended to resemble a tropical rainforest. While other birds sing, flutter, and perch in the treetops, producing flashes of vibrant color before blending into the greenery, guineafowl ambles aimlessly on the forest floor.

Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park’s open-access Waterfall Aviary

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