LYF FUNAN SINGAPORE | A Unique Hotel Within A Shopping Mall

Photo of Lyf Funan Singapore


Lyf Funan Singapore is a distinctive apartment hotel in Singapore that is located in the recently rebuilt Funan Mall. It is surrounded by a number of famous landmarks, including historical sites and sumptuous art galleries, and is close to a variety of business and recreational activities.

Lyf Funan Singapore


67 Hill St, Level 4 Funan Mall, Singapore 179370

The Lyf Funan in Singapore is located inside the Funan Shopping Mall. It is situated close to the City Hall MRT station in the Central Business District. It is adjacent to many commercial and recreational attractions and is encircled by a number of well-known landmarks, including historical buildings and opulent art galleries.


Lyf Funan provides more than just a cozy flat with fast Wi-Fi and private bathrooms. Enjoy collaborating with this Funan hotel in Singapore. Gain access to well-designed shared places by becoming a part of a lively community of travelers and locals who share your interests! Lyf’s public spaces include a fully furnished communal kitchen, open office spaces, and a lively yet useful gym.


Funan reopened in June 2019 with a synergistic mix of retail, office, and apartment components. Funan is designed to appeal to tech-savvy and socially conscious consumers looking for a high quality of life in a socially conscious and creative environment.

Photo of Funan Mall Singapore
Funan Mall Singapore

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