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Start your adventure at the Singapore Science Centre, a top spot for interactive science fun. This place is perfect for families. It offers hands-on activities that teach and entertain at the same time. Learn about the universe’s secrets and fuel your love for knowledge. It’s a journey for curious minds of all ages.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the thrill of hands-on scientific discovery at a world-class interactive science museum.
  • Educational exhibits cater to all ages, ensuring that learning is always a family affair.
  • Singapore Science Centre is the hub for science exploration, perfect for fostering a love for STEM.
  • Interactive galleries and activities bring textbook concepts to life, emphasizing learning through engagement.
  • Transform a regular day out into an extraordinary educational adventure at this must-visit attraction.

A Journey Through the Exhibits of Singapore Science Centre

Visiting the Singapore Science Centre is like stepping into a world where science comes alive. Since opening its doors on December 10, 1977, it has fascinated people. It’s a place where learning and discovery meet through diverse exhibits1. The Science Centre Board has made sure the Centre stays leading in interactive education since July 22, 19701. Starting with S$12 million and 328 exhibits, it’s a hub for sparking curiosity and offering engaging family activities1.

Interactive Galleries for All Ages

The science gallery is at the heart of the Centre, designed to inspire everyone. It has over a thousand hands-on displays across 20 themed galleries. Subjects range from physics to the vastness of space1. This approach makes science easy to grasp and fun to explore1.

“Know Your Poo” & Other Unique Displays

The Centre doesn’t shy away from unique themes, like the “Know Your Poo” exhibit. It’s a fun, yet insightful look at waste management. This display emphasizes the importance of sanitation in our society in an engaging way1.

Understanding Age at “Dialogue with Time”

The “Dialogue with Time” exhibit is an insightful journey into aging. It aims to increase empathy and understanding about getting older. Visitors gain deep insights into aging, aiming to alter perceptions and encourage learning about this natural process1.

Thrills in the Mirror Maze & Laser Quest

The mirror maze in Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic is a fun challenge. It’s a maze of mirrors and corridors that test your smarts and agility. Then, there’s the laser quest, a game of dodging laser beams. It’s all part of the Centre’s effort to blend physical and mental tests with science fun1.

A new chapter in innovation and learning is being written by the Science Centre, thanks to a team led by Zaha Hadid Architects and Architects 61 Private Limited2. The goal is to showcase Singapore’s innovative spirit and deepen collaborations2. By 2027, a new, larger Centre will open, doubling the size of the Children’s Gallery and introducing cutting-edge features like the Eco-Lab and Digital Fabrication Lab2.

Upcoming Feature Educational Focus Exclusive Offerings
Children’s Gallery Expansion Interactive learning for Kids Over twice the size of KidsSTOP™
Eco-Lab and Eco-Garden Environmental Science Hands-on ecological research
New Observatory Astronomy for Amateurs Astronomical observations and activities
Digital Fabrication Lab Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support for youth incubator programs
‘After-Dark’ Programs STEM Education Extended hours for special exhibitions and events

The Centre’s future is all about reinventing how families learn and have fun together. Its focus on sustainable design shows its dedication to science and the environment2.

Experiential Learning: Omni-Theatre & Escape Rooms

The Singapore Science Centre is much more than a place for educational exhibits. It’s a center for immersive education. Through its Omni-Theatre, it offers an amazing IMAX experience. This theatre is special because it’s dome-shaped and five stories tall. It uses an 8K Digital Fulldome System to take people on a journey into space and the universe3. The Omni-Theatre helps make learning interactive. It’s part of a large facility that welcomes over 950,000 guests every year. This experience allows people to learn by doing more than just watching4.

The Science Centre also makes learning fun with its STEM-themed escape rooms. These are called Escape @ Science Centre (E.S.C.). People work to solve puzzles and explore different themes. This can range from a dystopian future to incredible sci-fi worlds. It’s a creative way to learn that encourages curiosity and exploring5.

The Science Centre connects learning and fun without costing too much. For example, the Science Ahoy! event has lots of engaging activities for just $5 a person. This makes learning available to everyone5. There’s also the Human Body Experience (HBX) and KidsSTOP, which have activities for kids and adults. These help everyone learn by getting involved5.

Attraction Experience Duration Cost
Science Ahoy! Interactive Stations 1.5 Hours $5 per Participant
Human Body Experience (HBX) Experiential Exhibit Until May 31, 2016 S$20 per Adult, S$15 per Child
KidsSTOP Hands-on Learning Ongoing Membership Discounts Available3
Omni-Theatre IMAX Dome Experience Ongoing Membership Discounts Available3
STEM-themed Escape Rooms Critical Thinking Puzzles Varies Ticket Purchase Discounts Available3

In summary, the Singapore Science Centre and its Omni-Theatre mix STEM learning with fun. This mixture is key for immersive education to grow. These places offer unforgettable experiences. They show a future where eduction uses technology to create meaningful learning4.


The quest for knowledge and the excitement of new discoveries make every visit to a science center special. Singapore’s new Science Centre will open in 2027 in the lively Jurong Lake District. This will take educational adventures to the next level despite some delays. Its design includes five interlocked blocks and big glass windows. This makes it more than just a building; it’s a beacon of innovation and curiosity6. The area around the centre will blend learning with fun, creating a vibrant community for the future6.

The Centre will offer new ways to explore science, including the Untame After Dark event for adults. This event shines a new light on science, making education fun and immersive after dark. From December 2 to 11, the Science Centre will stay open late, until 10:30 pm. This is for everyone 18 and older who loves to learn6.

The Singapore Science Centre’s impact reaches far beyond its walls. It excites both locals and visitors about the world of science. It turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Being there, you can see how technology, nature, and knowledge come together. This shows the power of learning through adventure. The Centre is becoming a key place for promoting science understanding. This prepares us to meet the challenges of the future6.


What can families expect from a visit to the Singapore Science Centre?

The Singapore Science Centre is a place of wonder for families. It boasts over 1,000 interactive exhibits along with live shows and activities. It’s designed for all ages, making science both fun and easy to explore.

Are there activities for young children at the Singapore Science Centre?

Absolutely! The centre has loads of interactive areas made for young kids. These spaces are both fun and educational. They mix play with learning, turning the science centre into a place where families can enjoy edutainment.

What are some of the unique displays at the Singapore Science Centre?

There’s a “Know Your Poo” exhibit that offers a quirky look at health and hygiene. Another exhibit, “Dialogue with Time,” lets visitors dive into the aging process. Both are interactive and offer unique insights.

Can visitors experience physical activities at the Singapore Science Centre?

Yes, for those after a bit of action, there’s plenty to do. You can navigate the twists of Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic Mirror Maze. Or, face the challenge in a room crisscrossed with laser beams in the Laser Quest adventure. It’s a fun way to learn through physical play.

What makes the Omni-Theatre at Singapore Science Centre unique?

The Omni-Theatre is a highlight with its cutting-edge digital planetarium system. It creates an IMAX space experience like no other, with stunning 8K visuals. It’s an unforgettable journey into the cosmos.

How do the Escape Rooms at Singapore Science Centre incorporate STEM learning?

The Escape @ Science Centre (E.S.C.) mixes STEM learning with fun. It has themed puzzles that cover a range of science and tech topics. These escape rooms are designed to make you think and apply real-world knowledge.

What long-term benefits do visitors gain from a trip to the Singapore Science Centre?

A visit to the centre leaves guests with a stronger grasp of science. It awakens curiosity and offers a memorable educational experience. The centre is an invaluable learning source, encouraging science discovery in an engaging manner.

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